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Corporate information

At Asset Management we want you to learn more about us. This is the reason why we have detailed information of our business available to you.


In order to provide our customers a new proposal of value and better investment solutions, the Asset Management Unit Business was created in year 2012 for Bancolombia Group. Thus, we consolidated the synergy between Valores Bancolombia and Fiduciaria Bancolombia, combining the experience and professionalism in the management of portfolios.

Recognitions and ratings

At Asset Management we have been rated by Fitch Ratings on Fiduciaria Bancolombia and Valores Bancolombia for:

  • High credit quality on long and short-term Counterparty risk AAA(col)’ and ‘F1+(col) (Fiduciaria y Valores).
  • Strength in Management of Investment Assets in ‘The Highest Standards (Col) (Fiduciaria y Valores).

Our business in figures

At Asset Management we have based our action by focusing toward the client, and becoming experts and efficient in processes, principles that are our guidelines to propose several investment alternatives that respond to the confidence deposited in us by more than 550,000 clients to manage more than 23 trillion pesos in investments in the capital market.

Following figures illustrate the above:

  • We have COP 23.3 trillion assets under management*-equivalent to 3,1% GDP- in n Collective Investment Funds and Delegated Portfolios for more than 550,000 investors.
  • We have 27%** share average in the Collective Investment Funds industry in Colombia, with a managed volume through funds that amount to COP 13.8 trillion*, which make us the Colombian financial group with the largest volume of funds managed through such investment vehicles with COP 2.0 trillion above next competitor.
  • We have 56 professionals devoted directly to manage 10 investment funds and 188 Delegated Portfolios, and more than 800 people involved in risks, operations and distribution management.

Source: Own calculations with information published in the Financial Superintendence of Colombia.

*Figures with July 31, 2015 as closing date.

** Last review closing date: July 31, 2015.  Average includes the last twelve (12) months.

Our team

Offering you high quality and service standards is our priority; therefore, we have more than 800 people of Bancolombia Group to support your business:

  • Investment management: market analysis, portfolios management, investment execution, relationships with clients and reports preparation.
  • Middle Office: risk measurement and control of market, liquidity, credit and operation.
  • Distribution and sales: certified advisors supported by specialists and business promoters.
  • Marketing, products and channels: development of new products, distribution channels and services.
  • Back Office: compliance, settlement and operations management.

    Likewise, through our team of specialists in investment management, we shall offer you:

    • Continuous improvement in the investment strategy and structuring of portfolios.
    • Quality and timely delivery of information.
    • Rigorous tracking on macroeconomic variables risk measurement and management to determine the expectations and financial impacts.  The foregoing in order to make the adequate recommendations to generate value in our assistance.
    • Specialization in the investment process functions such as, strategy generation, management of portfolios and execution of operations in the market.

    What you should know about Collective Investment Funds

    ¿What they are?

    They are collective type investment vehicles that integrate monies from various people to invest them in assets according to the investment policy and a previously defined goal. 

    ¿How to choose the adequate collective investment fund?

    The investment process is made up of four stages.  In each one you should pose certain questions and resolve them in order to be able to assess the development of your investments:

    1. Always have clear goals: which is my timeline?, which are my liquidity needs?, what will be my future income and expenses?, what implications have the variations in balances over my investment?
    2. Define a strategy: which is the ideal mix among types of assets?, fixed income vs. variable income?, local vs. international?,  traditional vs. alternative?, what is my reference?
    3. Select the assets: what assets to purchase – sell and when?, bonds, fixed-term certificates of deposit (CDTs per its acronym in Spanish), commercial papers, shares?, COP, USD, Euro?, funds?
    4. Assess your performance: how am I doing?, what was the profit in whole and versus my reference?, did I accomplish my goal?, do I keep like this or make a change?

    ¿What benefits are offered to you?

    • They generate efficiency to manage your financial planning.
    • You have an adequate risk management to which the funds are exposed.
    • You have more security in the availability of resources since they have high performance and conduct standards in investment management.
    • You are able to get profitability as a result of an adequate diversification of fixed income and variable income assets.
    • You get liquidity for an easier and more agility in the delivery of resources, in accordance to the characteristics of each fund.
    • You enjoy a wide transactional capacity thanks to the Access to multiple channels such as the Telephone Branch, Physical Branches, Bancolombia at a click or Bancolombia App.
    • You get the diversification of your assets since the Collective Investment Funds give Access to markets that are hard to reach, whether for lack of technical capacity or efficiency in costs.
    • You have a team of experts that manage your money and that is devoted exclusively to seek the best results pursuant to the goals and criteria established in each fund.
    • You have possibilities to self-manage your investment products through several channels.

    What you should know about Delegated Portfolios

    What they are?

    These correspond to the entire or partial delegation of the management of an investment portfolio in our team pursuant to the goals and restrictions set by you as customer.

    How do they work?

    Delegated Portfolios operate through three phases:

    ¿What are their benefits?

    Experience, solidity and tradition:

    • Highly specialized teams with large expertise in management of third parties’ assets are  available to you.
    • You have access to portfolios with:
    • Solid investment and risk management processes.
    • High Corporate governance standards.
    • Larger capacity of diversification, absorption of resources and support due to their large size.

    Simplicity and Efficiency:

    • You can devote to your activity while your funds are being invested.
    • You have access to portfolios that operate with a team of experts for the achievement of your financial goals.

    Flexibility and Service:

    • You find investment solutions tailored according to your needs.
    • You have several customized solutions: Management of Third Parties’ Portfolios, Investment Trust, Offshore.
    • You find solutions supplementary to the investment - transactions, financing, risk and liabilities management, asset management.
    • You have information, customized statements and reports at your disposal.
    • Portfolio managers will be assisting you in your investment processes.

    Offer of Delegated Vehicles

    Should you be interested in a delegated portfolio please contact your sales rep in Valores Bancolombia for a guide to select the appropriate vehicle to you that could be one of the following options:

    1. Third Parties’ Portfolio Management Agreement (APT per its acronym in Spanish).
    2. Investment Trust Agreement.
    3. Trust Management Agreement.

    Below there are some of the relevant aspects:

    Definitions 1. Management of Third Parties’ Portfolio (APT) 2. Investment Trust (Investment Trust/ Autonomous Patrimony ) 3. Investment Trust (Trust Management Agreement)
    Administrator Valores Bancolombia S.A Comisionista de Bolsa Fiduciaria Bancolombia S.A Sociedad Fiduciaria
    Purpose Receive monies or securities from a third party to be managed per the SCB criteria but based upon the goals and guidelines provided by the client, a securities portfolio. Investment or placement in any quality of amounts of money pursuant to the instructions provided by the grantor.
    Assets Independence Securities remaining on behalf of the investor Transfer of the ownership of the assets to the Autonomous Trust. The assets management is entrusted but these remain on behalf of the investor
    Allowed Operations Purchase and sale of securities. Term operations, swaps, repos or any other operation authorized by the SCB. For such operations the clients must provide express authorization. Any type of operations provided these have been authorized by the agreement as well as in the defined investment manuals and policies. Possibility to leverage, making OTC derivatives and acquiring obligations.
    Assets for investment Securities registered in the RNVE. Demand deposits. Any type of financial, real, local and global assets.
    Representation of Investment Securities on behalf of the portfolio. The value of the unit is calculated from the beginning of the portfolio Trust rights Investments on behalf of the portfolio
    Number of investors One per each APT One or several trustors. Possibility to have sub-portfolios
    Tax Structure and Accounting The tax withholding is applied by the issuer upon payment and pursuant to the type of investment (rf, rv). Financial reporting is performed. The manager acts as tax withholding agent. Financial reports are delivered and withholdings at applied and paid at year end. Fiducia Bancolombia transfers all income that correspond to returns to the trustor who is the ultimate responsible to make the payments for taxes to the control entities.